By Beth Armstead

In his first semester at New Mexico State University, John Juanico, from Acoma, enrolled in courses toward an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Technology. Before the semester was even over, he secured a fulltime position in Albuquerque, New Mexico. John will be working for Eclipse Aerospace Inc. as an Aircraft Manufacturing Technician.  He believes his 20 years’ expertise in the aircraft structural field is what helped him obtain this position.  He is excited to “get back to his roots” on aircraft structures.

06/07/2012: NMSU Grants campus students walk to class (photo by Darren Phillips)

Kenneth Day, Veteran, studied to prepare for a career in Dentistry.

“We want to ensure that our population of veteran students succeeds and our office is here to serve as a resource for them to do just that. Many students have an idea of what they want to pursue in college, but the first semester can be daunting.  We are here to help them through every step,” shared Beth Armstead.  John Juanico, who retired last fall from active duty after serving 20 years in the Air Force, said he hadn’t decided to return to college until one week before classes started.  He acknowledges that was late, “The NMSU staff did a lot to get me in classes and help me settle in. Even though I was bugging them with all sorts of questions, they didn’t get tired of me and helped me with what I needed. They are great! The professors are great as well, they are so encouraging and understand that life happens and things come up.  They will work with you to reach your goals.  I have to say the Library staff is great as well, where I spent a lot of my time.  The campus environment has been a good experience.”


Bottom/Clockwise: Terrelle (spouse), Elijah (son), John, Isabella (daughter), and Baylor (son)

John plans to continue his college education and thinks the fact that he was enrolled in college after military retirement was a plus when he went for his interview with Eclipse. NMSU Grants wishes John and his family, pictured here, continued success. He is an inspiration for our students.  Thank you for your service!

For more information about the Office of Veterans Services at NMSU Grants, call (567) 287-6628 or 6629 to reach a VA Certifying Official.