The Computer Science program at NMSU Grants is designed to prepare students for a job in the IT field. Most of the courses are aligned with industry certifications like the Comptia A+ and the Comptia Network +. Students will also gain in-depth knowledge of several Microsoft operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Other operating systems like Mac and Linux are also covered. Students will get experience repairing computers, including replacing all of the components and installing and repairing the operating systems.

Common software installations, such as anti-virus and Microsoft Office application, are covered so students will be prepared for entry level computer technician positions in most organizations.

The program also teaches networking that includes the materials from the Comptia Network + certification and basic configuration of Cisco switches and routers.

Other technology areas like web design and graphic design are covered so that graduates will be well rounded in the areas that they are most likely to see in their first IT job.

Most graduates from the Computer Science program are able to get a job in the IT field shortly after graduation, but many of them choose to continue on to the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology program, offered from the NMSU Las Cruces campus, which is completely online.

Graduates of the Associates degree program should be qualified for a Computer Technician I position that averages $41,000 a year. There are many IT positions in Cibola County. Some entry level positions may not pay this high but could reach this level with some years of experience and some industry certifications.

The Computer Science program has a test network that allows students to get hands on experience with a real working network so they can enter the work world with confidence and real experience in computers, servers, switches and routers.

Another area of the Computer Science Program is Creative Media. Creative Media teaches skills in areas of web design, graphic design, electronic publishing, video production and print media. The program has a computer lab equipped with the latest computers and WACOM monitors. These allow students to draw right on the screen with various pen types.

Students with learn the standard graphic design software. This includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Graphic designers make an average salary of $48,437 a year and can get positions in most business or start their own. If you have a creative flair, this might be the perfect career for you.