NMSU Grants new Teacher, Health Care Education, Child Development Center Update

With excerpts from retired Pres. Casados, Wednesday, February 4, 2015

By Beth Armstead

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Cibola County passed a historic vote in favor of education –  supporting NMSU Grants first local general obligation bond request of $7,000,000 in our 46 year history to enable us to build a new Teacher, Health Care Education and Child Development Center!

We plan to break ground on this facility in mid-late 2017.   We are continuing with the architectural design work to complete the design of this facility.  The Education and Nursing Assistant programs will be housed in this building, as well as our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, taught through ITV.  A local day care provider will be awarded the rfp to provide the childcare program in the east wing of the building.

Front entrance

(Artist’s rendering of entrance of new building)

“The new child development center will allow Education Students to conduct developmental assessment and observation of infants and toddlers as well as gain experience working with preschool age children.  This is very important for those who plan to become teachers. Research has shown that learning activities that align with stages of development enable children to learn more and go further with their education in the long term.  Early education is a foundation for long term success in school and in life,” reports Katheryn O’Connor, Program Manager of Education/Early Childhood.

NMSU Grants is excited about possibilities for use of the McClure Building, which currently houses the Education and Healthcare programs.  Please do visit us soon, as Martinez Hall has undergone some new projects, including a new cafeteria for JJ’s Snack Shack, a new Writing Center and a new Math Center.  We believe all of these will draw not only students but the community and children to our campus.  I’d like to modify a quote from the popular “Field of Dreams” movie, “if you build it, they will come.” The students, children and citizens of our region deserve modern, state of the art facilities to live, work, learn, and dream.

Stop by anytime or call Student Services at 287-6678 to schedule a tour.