Welcome to NMSU Grants!

It is an honor to serve as the Interim President of New Mexico State University Grants, where I have worked as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for nearly ten years. When I first moved to New Mexico in 1976 I was greeted by the warm welcome and friendly embrace of many different peoples and cultures. I knew I had found my place in the world and have thus called West Central New Mexico home for over thirty years.

I extend this same warm welcome back to you, the people of Cibola County and the surrounding area. I invite you to find a home at New Mexico State University for education, job training, and personal development.

We make every effort to meet your needs by providing a wide range of instruction from Adult Education through Associate degrees. You might have an interest in welding, drafting, furniture making, jewelry making, or automotive technology. Maybe you need to brush up on basic skills in writing, Math, and Computer Literacy to improve your work skills.

Our Faculty and Staff are sincere, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals, the majority with advanced degrees, dedicated to helping you discover and develop your natural talents and gifts. We deliver courses in the traditional face-to-face format that emphasize hands on skill development as well as fully online courses that allow you to study from home using distance education technology.

We help put the world at your fingertips. Our campus library provides services comparable to many larger colleges and will connect you to mountains of information via digital databases. We offer a certified Testing Center, Writing Center, and Math Center to support our students and community.

While New Mexico State University Grants is one of the smallest community colleges in New Mexico, we have a large heart, and are here to serve you. I invite you to visit us in person or online to find out for yourself.

Harry Sheski