Dual Credit at New Mexico State University Grants has steadily increased over the past years. Currently NMSU Grants serves nine high schools within its surrounding counties.  These high schools include Grants, Laguna-Acoma, New Mexico Connections Academy, Pine Hill, Quemado, Ramah, Thoreau, To’Hajiilee, and Tse Yi Gai.  New Mexico State University Grants’ Dual Credit Coordinator travels to each of these sites each semester to provide information and register students.  Generally students participate in dual credit through online learning.  A large percentage of NMSU Grants classes are offered online, so dual credit students that live a distance away are able to participate.  Students are also able to participate in face-to-face classes on the NMSU Grants campus if it does not conflict with their regular high school schedule and if they are able to provide their own transportation.

Dual credit is a wonderful way for high school students to become acquainted with the college environment. Through dual credit opportunities students can discover what field of study may be right for their future and begin earning credits toward that degree.  In some instances, students have been able to graduate high school while simultaneously graduating with an associate degree from their dual credit providing institution.

To be eligible to participate in dual credit, students must attend one of nine aforementioned high schools or be enrolled in a home school program.  Incoming freshman through seniors are eligible and must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or higher.

If you would like more information on the Dual Credit Program at NMSU Grants, please call Ambrosia Knighton, Dual Credit Coordinator, at 505-287-6620 or email [email protected].


Average cost of a 3 credit course at community college: $240 + books & lab fees
Cost to enroll in the NMSU Grants Dual-Credit Program: NOTHING!

Did you know…

• 90% of the FASTEST GROWING occupations within the next decade will require career and technical education.
• 65% of the TOP JOBS require more than a high school diploma, but less than a 4-year degree.
• 48 out of the 50 BEST PAYING jobs will require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.
• 60% of today’s high school students will work in jobs that do not exist yet.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend NMSU Grants:

10. All about convenience
Classes are offered days and evenings and in a variety of formats to best meet your schedule, not ours.

9. We’re high tech
You can enroll in a long list of online and hybrid courses not to mention take advantage of computer labs and other technology right here on campus.

8. Quality without the cost
At $79.00 per credit for residents, you’ll save money without sacrificing quality academics.

7. Small class sizes
You will have the benefit of more student-instructor interaction with plenty of opportunities to get to know your instructor and other classmates.

6. A cozy campus
We offer a variety of comfortable study spaces and computer labs with access to Wi-Fi

5. Bigger doesn’t always mean better
With a total enrollment of under 1,000 students you won’t be just a number here.

4. Transferability
Our courses easily transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Just ask our former students now at NMSU Main Campus and UNM just to name a few.

3. Career placement
Our vocational and professional certificate and diploma programs will help to prepare you for the career you want right after graduation.

2. Location, location, location!
We’re close to home and convenient for everyone.

1. Faculty who care
Our outstanding faculty will know you by name, prepare you for life after graduation, and always care about your success. Besides, it’s personal. With an excellent student/teacher ratio, you’ll get more one-on-one time with your instructors in and out of the classroom.