Education makes everyone’s life richer and the earlier it begins the better. Experts in the field of Early Childhood Education, indicate that young children who are taught the right things in the right way in the early years, go on to test higher in reading, and math. They adjust to the classroom better, communicate more clearly and go on to complete a professional education later in life.   This is what everyone wants for his or her child.  Parents want children to succeed in school so they will have a quality life.

Children who succeed in school have two great influences in their lives, their parents being the first, and teachers who sometimes spend more time with children than their parents do. This is approximately six to nine hours five days a week.  Why is this important?  It is important because it is critical to have educated teachers who care about children and the families they serve.  We want teachers, who want to help children to live, learn and thrive in today’s world.

Teachers have the most important job in the world, and they need to acquire knowledge and skills in order to teach young children.  At New Mexico State University Grants, we are excited to have an opportunity to work with prospective teachers. We currently teach students a variety of topics including; assessment of development, appropriate teaching skills, and activity planning are a few topics taught in Early Childhood Education Courses.  Each course has a focus such as Health, Safety and Nutrition or Guiding Young Children.

Soon, we will be able to provide additional opportunities for our students in our new Child Development Center scheduled to be built in 2017.  The new center will be utilized as a Teaching Lab for Education Courses and provide an opportunity for students to have practical, classroom experience.   Teaching educational theory along with practical application in the classroom allows students and instructors to work collaboratively in the best interest of everyone involved.  Young children get specialized attention and assistance; college students get to see how educational theory meets application.

At this time, there is a great need of teachers in the Grants Cibola County School District. Positions in Elementary Education, Middle School, Secondary and Early Childhood are urgently needed.   The alternative licensure pathways also offer options for those who already have a Bachelor’s Degree.  If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Education, or Alternative Licensure, please give us a call and get started on your path to become a teacher.  If you are an in-service teacher looking to further your education, there are graduate level programs available and many options to further your area of endorsement. Please don’t hesitate, give us a call to begin your journey.  Call Kati at 505-287-6693.