by Rachelle Bassen, College Instructor

The Natural Sciences program at NMSU Grants contains a wide variety of STEM classes that meet the basic requirements for many jobs across Cibola County, within New Mexico, and around the country.  No matter your intended destination after graduation, an associate degree within this program will ensure widespread career opportunities.

For example, you could choose a degree plan with several biology and chemistry classes geared towards interests in a medical profession. Many of the biology classes that are offered are considered pre-requisites for the Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) program, which is also offered at NMSU Grants, or they will satisfy the training needed for entry-level medical careers. The associate degree will enable qualification for positions such as: nursing assistant, medical assistant, laboratory technologist, occupational therapy assistant, and pharmacy technician. These jobs are offered at Cibola General Hospital and the local pharmacies within the county, often with a great pay rate: from $15-30 per hour.

The Associate of Science can also be designed with a physical science concentration. Classes including geology, climatology, chemistry, geography, and more have been offered at NMSU Grants which can lead into careers focused on environmental management. Considering that there are several national parks around central New Mexico, graduates can apply for park ranger and physical science technician positions. These positions also pay above $15 per hour.