Questions about the NMSU Grants programs and services described in this publication should be directed to Student Services at 505-287-6678.

Editors: Beth Armstead, Brian Johnson

Contributing Writers: Ambrosia Knighton, Sascha Larrabee

Photography: Darren Phillips, Joe Chavez

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Executive Officers:

Dr. Harry Sheski, Interim President

Dr. William Serban, Acting Vice President for Academics

Beth Armstead, Vice President for Student Services

Alice Salcido, Interim Vice President for Business and Finance

Marlene Chavez-Toivanen, Assistant to the President, Professor

Advisory Board – Grants Cibola County  School Board Members

Joel Stewart, President

Emily E. Hunt-Dailey, Vice-President

Richard Jones, Secretary

Dr. Guy Archambeau, Member

Dion Sandoval, Member

Mission Statement

NMSU Grants provides an accessible quality education through innovative teaching and learning that promotes respect and service for our diverse students and community.

Vision Statement

To embrace innovation in teaching and learning to promote a sustainable prosperous community.

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